Selection of ABB contactor according to AC-3 or AC-4 application.

Please select the contactor and read the technical data or find a contactor according to the following data :
- Voltage and current.
- Expected electrical durability and current. In AC-4, the durability takes into account the breaking current (Ic=6 x Ie).
The rated power is calculated for 4-pole squirrel-cage motor.

Contactor type :
AC-3 Squirrel-cage motors : starting, switching off mottors during running.
AC-4 Squirrel-cage motors : starting, plugging, inching.
Ta [C°] : Ambient air temperature around the product.
Ue [V] : Rated operational voltage between phases.
Ie [A] : Rated operational current of an apparatus taking into account voltage, frequency, duty and utilization category.
Pe [kW] : Rated power of motor.
Pd [W] : Dissipated power per pole of the components.
Ic [A] : Breaking current.

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